PROJECT //  Canyons & Communities.

Finished work //

ROLE //  Creative Planning, Adventuring, content capture (photo & Video), Writing, Identity & Art Direction.


We were in Colombia in November ('17) and ben said, "I'm going to do the Arizona Trail by bike in January ('18). Do you want to come?" It just so happens that I DId want to ride a bike the 800 miles across Arizona, from the Utah to Mexico border. So I replied, "can we make a creative project out of it?".  

About a month of planning and we had our project. While focusing on the possibilities borne out of community and adventure, We would capture content along the way, interview THe people we met, and create a multimedia essay about the experience. 

An outline of the project is below. You can view the finished work at:   



Short and sweet, we had a list of 12 questions that we used to prime conversations. Over the course of 800 miles we interviewed 9 people, had conversations with many more, and constantly sought out what ties people together. Our final interview was a sun-drenched and caffeine-buzzed chat about life, identity, and travel with taylor lancaster (@TenderLiving) and Erick Cedeno (The Bicycle Nomad), at the Bicycle Nomad cafe in Phoenix, AZ. 



A digestible, 4 chapter reflection of our findings on community, Adventure, and discovery were written. Additionally, Caravan created, edited, and curated images, videos, and audio to supplement the text. 

All content was captured or derived from: Sony AR7ii. Gopro Hero 5. Notebooks. Voice Memos via IPhone 6.  


• Art Direction & Identity.

Clean, sharp, layered, featuring pastel based brights - each indicative of Arizona - WE had a pretty strong idea of what we wanted the end result to look and function like. To start, we sketched a couple of wireframes, then set the identity and started filling in the gaps. The hand drawn AZT "next chapter" logo and Favicon was used to soften and balance the other, polished visuals.  



Neither this experience nor this subsequent piece of work would be possible without ben Petersen, who planned the travel logistics, kept us on track, and built the website based on my needy Art direction. He's a great partner in crime and a better friend. If you have any programming or web building needs, or if you want to know about colombia, romania, or mathematics, you should reach out to him here