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You bring the bread. 

We'll bring the salt. 


community & cultural engagment.

community vibes

caravan is a creative system that champions the building of communities through the use of cultural engagement.

we seek out, identify, explore, and ultimately celebrate the joining together of people during moments of positive association and shared interest. thematics surrounding food, visual art, sport, music, entrepreneurial design, and social change - just to name a few forms of cultural engagement - provide the connective tissue and necessary platforms for bringing people together.



share an experience.

create a memory.


Participatory experience.

experience over ownership; memory in place of physical possession. this is the new currency. driving this cultural shift is the fact that immersion in any new experience is synonymous with adventure, and sharing this process with others incites us to push our limits and celebrate both our individual and collective successes. through these actions we find opportunities for learning, growth, and connection.

ultimately, through this framework of participatory experience, we can achieve a greater understanding of the world in which we live and the ways in which we impact it.



every act of creation is inherently celebratory.

"Boston Celtics, 1950"  //  pregame meals  //  Fall 2016


creative exploration.

a deeper understanding

review, critique, remember, celebrate, champion, explore, divulge, showcase. These creative acts allow us to revel in - and better understand - the shared experiences we partake in. Through photography and print, illustration and product; by way of themed parties and costumed events, dumpling clubs and creative collaborations – our use of creative exploration takes us deeper into our understanding of the tacit interplay at work in the world around us.