getting started with an early release

A self serving flashback:

I came to Boston just about 2 years ago. Prior to landing here my wife and I had spent several years in Chicago, where we embedded ourselves with an awesome set of people that we were fortunate enough to call friends. We did the dinners, the picnics, played soccer constantly, traveled and explored, co-shared cabins, celebrated the birthdays, the new years. We drank in the excitement of all the new possibilities. We were pretty spoiled, obviously privileged of our own making, and, well, maybe we were also pretty lucky. In any respect our little community was great. #squadgoals and all that. 


We'd done the same, with some effort, when we moved from Arizona to Portland, Oregon, some 8 or 9 years earlier. It can't be that hard to re-create, right? Surely we can do it again. Nope. 2 years says that it's not always that easy. 

Is it Boston? Or maybe it's just this particular moment in life, where everyone is focused on their own individual wavelength;

graduate program, career, baby, complaining, netflix, vegan lifestyle, success, ego.

Maybe it's a clattering of larger cultural trends and I'd feel exactly the same if I were located in Nashville, Crested Butte, or Boise. That's the thing about a multitude of variables; it's hard to know. What I do know is that I want to break down some of these barriers and create moments of discovery which uncover just how similar we all are.     

Flash forward: 

Caravan is an attempt to, in a way, re-create that sense of community I love. The idea is to meet people, learn from people, share experiences and growth with people. It's an evolving idea that is grounded in "we" rather than "me". A bit corny, yeah, but it's real. With that idea in mind, we are going to explore and celebrate the idea of community through group outings, gatherings, field trips, think tank sessions, and creative collaborations. That's not an all-encompassing list by any means, but it is a start. When we engage in a shared experience we are often led towards a moment of discovery. A moment where we form a meaningful bond while learning about both ourselves and about those around us.   

One of the first field trips that we're hosting is our early release surf trip up to The Wall & Cinnamon Rainbows in New Hampshire (hit the link to rsvp). It's a low-key, everybody's welcome event. Really, it's totally ok if you've never surfed before. We're going to show you how and where to do it. Then, in the future, you'll hopefully be empowered enough to grab a friend and head up the coast, knowing that when you get there it'll be surfs up. If that sounds like good vibes then I hope that you'll join us.  


Chris Santa Maria at Higgins Beach in Maine, fall 2016. His first time on a board. 

Chris Santa Maria at Higgins Beach in Maine, fall 2016. His first time on a board. 

Matthew Jasperson