from boston to boulder.


For Caravan, Boston was great. It was a petri dish for ideas and executions, for testing and sampling. Boston - both the location and the people - set the stage for what Caravan could become, true, but Caravan needed Boulder to make it happen.  

Boulder is nestled against the foothills of the front range. A step out of town and you're eclipsed in canyons or climbing upwards to witness views of the continental divide. The Flatirons are just the start; the landscape becomes more breathless with each step ventured west. 

In this setting, the scale of adventure is limitless and the people who live here are more than ready to explore its possibilities. Personal garages forego the traditional car shelter and instead become veritable outdoor gear lockers that rival the sales floor of any REI.  Bikes, climbing racks, ski tour setups, water sports, nordic, alpine, XC, enduro, downhill, time trial, backpacking gear, camping bins, ultra-running vests; open a garage door, grab and go. 

Of course, you don't need a garage full of toys to enjoy a walk in the woods... although it can help if your preferred activity is specialty oriented. Either way, there's a vast landscape to play in here and a community that is passionate about doing just that. The people here are awesome and always down to get outside for a frolic. It's inspiring to hear the tall tales and see the pictures that people bring back. It's the kind of community Caravan is primed to place a foothold within. 

That's the big picture, of course. The other variables that make Boulder ideal are all the outdoor brands that call it home; too many to name here, and more moving into the area every day. These companies need community strategies and communication plans, and they need content to fill channels. Well, guess what, Caravan creates these things and more. Yeah, we're primed to place a foothold here in Boulder, and we plan to keep climbing. 

Oh, did I also happen to mention that the food scene is excellent, and we're just a short drive or a long bike ride away from the cultural big-city offerings of Denver, and that by being centrally located we're only a hop, skip, or jump away from either coast and everything in-between? 

Matthew Jasperson